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"Cliff Barry, the most creative man I know, has developed Shadow Work® into a world-class personal growth process."
Bill Kauth, M.S., Co-founder of the New Warrior Training Adventure, author of A Circle of Men.

"Shadow Work® is a remarkable and unusually potent process for producing transformation--personal and collective. It helped me a great deal personally and it helped in dramatic ways to deepen the capacity of the team of dialogue practitioners with whom I work."
Bill Isaacs, Ph.D., President DIA*logos

"Shadow Work® is a very powerful experience. The safety, the depth, and the wisdom in the design are superb. I recommend this work highly to all who want to step deeper into their soul."
Char Tosi, R.N., M.S., founder/President, Woman Within Inc., International

"Shadow Work® was incredible. It took me to a place I would never have guessed I needed to go, and I could only have gone there in that container. Shadow Work® provided an opportunity for me to explore so many aspects of myself, some that I'd known before, and others I didn't know were there. I recommend this work for anyone wanting to journey deeper into their own self."
Sheri Zuccato, Weekend Leader for Woman Within International

"After doing my Shadow Work® weekend, I came to a new level of self-acceptance and appreciation for what is special in the way I've lived my life."
Gail Sussman Miller, life coach and trainer

"Through the creative theatre of Shadow Work® I've discovered long-lost energies, desires and strengths. I'm renewed by this work."
Jude Blitz, Certified Hakomi Therapist, Fourth-Degree Black Belt in Aikido, and Teacher at Naropa University

"Shadow Work has been a profound experience for me, it's such a deep, spiritual work. My spiritual journey is very important to me in my life, and I find that Shadow Work brings a piece that was missing in other dimensions. I've done work that I never, ever guessed would be possible in this lifetime for me. It's been deep, powerful. I feel such overwhelming gratitude. And I would never have stepped into it if I hadn't had really deep trust in what was going on. Within its very safe, strong container, I know I'm going to be held and supported. Each time, in one session, it could have been several years' worth of counseling instead, which is pretty darn nice."
J.S., Colorado

"I'm a psychiatrist. As part of my training, I did personal psychoanalysis for about three years and really got a lot out of it. Then I went to a New Warriors Training, and the first piece of work I did in my I-group was basically a Shadow Work process. I got more out of that process than, I have to say, the entire three years of psychoanalysis. More transformation took place in myself, and I came away with a deeper understanding of human nature. The techniques used had an incredibly powerful effect on me. I also saw how it's possible to promote emotional healing, both in myself and others, in a really profound way in a very efficient manner."
Jim Brooks, M.D., Iowa

See also testimonials in German, with English translation, at, the German site for Shadow Work®.


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