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Shadow Types Training

The Shadow Types Training will help you be a better facilitator by enhancing your ability to read shadows and showing you 12 Deep Pathways for reaching the energy that is stored in the shadow.

Knowing the 12 Shadow Types and the 12 Deep Pathways will increase your capacity to work with the shadow in any field.

Your registration for the Shadow Types Training includes an extensive manual on the Shadow Types for you to study beforehand.

At the training we will provide instruction and exercises designed to teach you the 12 Shadow Types. Then we will facilitate you through Shadow Work® processes, to demonstrate how the 12 Deep Pathways can predict and help format any kind of deep facilitation. You will therefore have the opportunity to be facilitated by Certified Trainers Cliff Barry and Vicki Woodard in a Shadow Work® process. You will also be able to witness and debrief a number of other processes.

Pre-requisite: You must attend at least one other Shadow Work® facilitation training or Carpet Work training before attending the Shadow Types Training. The Shadow Types Training is not required for certification.

Read the brochure for this training.

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For training dates and costs, see the Calendar of Events.


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