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We firmly believe that our prices represent the value you will get from your coaching experience: namely a significant shift in your sense of who you are and the alignment you experience with your life goals.

And, at the same time, we want to make our work available to the broadest spectrum of people and financial situations possible. To accomplish this, we use a sliding scale. Here's how it works: If you would be willing to discuss your finances with us, we may be able to pro-rate our fees down from our top price to match your financial realities. We'll make every effort to find a connection with Shadow Work® that you can afford.

We also like to do some work "pro bono" for causes we believe can benefit from the Shadow Work® approach.

And, if you are ever dissatisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee.


We offer a sliding fee scale for all coaching.

In-Person Coaching — Building Blocks of Time
Three-hour blocks of coaching time, assembled to build a customized coaching session. The configuration is dependent on the nature of your issue and the amount of time and money you have available. You may contract for only one session or as many as 12 sessions, spread over several days. We will work with you to determine the right mix for you, with no obligation. This option is appropriate for individuals, relationships, or professional partnerships. The nature of the work and length of time will determine whether one or two coaches are required.

Contact us for fees per block (plus expenses), depending on your goals, the configuration of blocks and facilitators, and the time you have available. We offer a sliding scale.

Coaching By Phone
Phone coaching sessions designed to move you toward a specific goal you've chosen. This can be a one- or two-hour coaching call or a comprehensive program of several calls, taking place over a period of several months. This option is convenient for those who are not geographically located near a Shadow Work® Coach. It is also useful for issues that require consistent support over time.

Contact us for hourly fees, depending on your goals and the program we set up. Sliding scale available.

Customized Leadership and Team Interventions
Customized retreats or workshops using Dynamic Dialogue®, a facilitated problem-solving or conflict-resolution process. This ground-breaking approach helps groups or teams diagnose and understand underlying dynamics that hinder their performance and forward progress, evolve potential solutions and develop more innovative ways to work together. It is especially useful for drawing out the voices of diverse stakeholders, observing how these parts interact and forming sustainable collaborative bridges between individuals on the team.

Contact us for daily fees, according to the scope of the work, plus expenses.


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