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1. First, what you won't experience.  You will not experience us trying to "fix" your problems. This would only be of short-term service to you. Rather, we assist you to find a new base from which to approach those problems. There will always be a stack of problems. But instead of simply shoveling through the pile, we prefer to focus on the identity you hold as a "Problem Solver." A shift in this part of you will bring a new perspective on everything. In fact, some of the pile may disappear, when viewed from a fresh place inside of you.

2. Second, you'll experience shifts on many levels.  Even though we don't advocate simply shoveling through the pile of problems, you'll find that you can work on multiple issues at the same time. This is because, once you see a core pattern in your life, it affects many of your issues. Working on this core pattern, often shifts other secondary patterns concurrently—a great return on investment!

3. And finally, you'll experience freedom from judgment and shame.  The willingness to value yourself fully, in all your facets, can be risky. So, as you work through your issues, we believe it's necessary for you to have an environment where you can make lasting and important decisions. When you stop judging yourself, this is the moment you find the energy to change. If blaming yourself really worked, it would have worked by now!


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