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We believe that you already possess the personal traits you desire. But these traits have been shamed into your shadow. Removing this shame unlocks the door, so you can become the person you choose to be.

In Shadow Work® Coaching we initiate you into a new identity. We do this by helping you experience yourself as having the characteristics you want. What you think about yourself is a key to unlocking your hidden potential. Once you can believe that you already are the person you want to be, the rest will follow. It may not be easy, but the road will rise to meet you.

What identity could you choose to assume? Here are some possibilities using Shadow Work® Coaching:

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Wise Elder
The creative and generative
thinker, who is also a:
  • Seeker of knowledge.
  • Magical mentor.
  • Discerning listener.
  • Fertile initiator.
  • Skillful facilitator.
  • Journeyed guide.

    Strong Leader
    The clear decision-maker,
    who is also a:
  • Moving teacher.
  • Giver of blessing.
  • Capable parent.

    Trusted Companion
    A loyal friend, who is also a:
  • Master of emotions.
  • Passionate lover.
  • Safe partner.
  • Architect of intimacy.
  • Giver of unconditional love.
  • Nurturing family member.
  • Determined Finisher
    The successful achiever,
    who is also a:
  • Bold risk-taker.
  • Stable provider.
  • Peak performer.
  • Trusted co-worker.
  • Strong survivor.

    Inspired Believer
    The visionary, who is also a:
  • Highly motivated person.
  • Pilgrim in spiritual awareness.
  • Spinner of dreams.
  • A person who knows what they want.

    Whole Person
    The mature seeker,
    who is also a:
  • Contented achiever.
  • Shameless self-admirer.
  • Fully-alive person.
  • Balanced striver.
  • Satisfied customer.


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