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Dave McFarren is a Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator who has been active in personal growth since 1992. He did the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekend in 1999 and has been interested in facilitating personal work ever since, staffing many NWTA weekends and taking several follow-on/leadership trainings, including the Inner King and Next Step trainings. Dave is active in his New Warrior I-Group, where he often practices his Shadow Work® skills. Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and, when not doing personal work, he works as a Database Applications Developer.

Chrissy McFarren is a Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator and has been involved in women's healing work since 2000. She did the Woman Within weekend in 2000 and the Women In Power weekend in 2003. Since then she has stayed involved with Women In Power through staffing and co-facilitating. In 2005 she completed the Priestess Path Apprenticeship, a two-year program founded by ALisa Starkweather. Chrissy also facilitates women's circles and women's events. She is a visionary artist and has worked with and trained horses for the last twenty years.

Comments about Shadow Work® seminars facilitated by Dave and Chrissy McFarren:

"Chrissy and Dave seem to be naturals at Shadow Work®. They create a safe container, are passionate about this work, and do it with love and integrity." D.M.

"Chrissy and Dave create a safe, effective container for people to process deep emotions and traumas. They bring great caring, sensitive intuition and skill to the Shadow Work® facilitation process." B.R.

"My Shadow Work® experiences were profound and life-changing. Dave and Chrissy were powerful, compassionate, and highly intuitive guides who helped me see my truth and strength." M.P.

"I have never before experienced such a unique balance of safety, gentleness, and power that Chrissy and Dave McFarren create in their Shadow Work® retreats. They offer an inspiring balance of male and female energy, working exceptionally well together in co-leadership." P.S.

Dave and Chrissy are married and live in Coaldale, Colorado, when they’re not at Badger Creek Ranch, the cattle/guest/retreat ranch they co-own outside of Canon City, Colorado. Visit the ranch website, BadgerCreekRanch.com or their non-profit website, FullCircleFarmGrowthAndHealing.org , to find out more about what Dave and Chrissy are doing, or contact them directly at (719) 942-3798, or by emailing them at dave@mcfarren.net or chrissy@mcfarren.net.

You can find Chrissy's articles for the Shadow Work® email newsletter at the Articles page, including Equine-Assisted Shadow Work®, Introduction to Equine-Assisted Shadow Work® and Taking Shadow Work® into the Wilderness in Colorado.


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