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Giles Carwyn is a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator and Coach, novelist, screenwriter, writing teacher, manuscript consultant, leader in the Asheville ManKind Project community, and father of two wonderful daughters.

Giles discovered Shadow Work® after participating in the ManKind Project's New Warrior Training Adventure. He was amazed at how profoundly that experience changed his understanding of himself and his place in the world. On that weekend he embraced a life mission to co-create a world where everyone is seen, known, and loved.

That mission has led him to set aside his old career, beliefs and limitations to reinvent himself as a community leader, transformation coach, workshop presenter, and catalyst for lasting positive change in people's lives.

As a writer, Giles co-authored the Heartstone Trilogy with Todd Fahnestock published by Harper Collins in 2006-2008. While living in Los Angeles he worked as script analyst for Phoenix Pictures. He has presented workshops on various aspects of the writer's craft through Pike's Peak Writers and Delve Writers. His study of the human shadow has transformed the kinds of stories he writes, infusing them with a psychological sophistication, compassion, and optimism he never had before. He is currently working on a historical King Arthur screenplay and a series of middle-grade books about children who find four magic hats that allow them to solve their problems by changing the way they think.

Beyond his resume, Giles is also a man who has struggled deeply in life. He doesn't expect anyone to take off their masks and share their heart with him, unless he is willing to do the same with them. Giles has struggled with recurring depression, failed relationships, financial turmoil, reckless self-endangerment, self-sabotage, addictive behaviors, family strife, and unfulfilled dreams. He found his way to Shadow Work® through a desire to heal his own wounds and provide an opportunity for others to do the same.

Shadow Work® has been, by far, the most effective tool he has discovered for understanding and letting go of the things that no longer serve us and envisioning, embracing, and integrating new ways of being that are more joyful, effortless, and empowering.

What others have to say about a Shadow Work® weekend with Giles Carwyn:

Going into the weekend I was emotionally ambivalent. I was ready for a change but was fearful that a real breakthrough would be elusive. During my process, I experienced an emotional release from the catacombs of my soul. Sounds corny, feels amazing. They helped me realize that I have been gifted with an unencumbered will and an empowered heart. — David Burton, Carey, NC

I appreciated the compassion and thoughtfulness you showed each participant. You never wavered in your attention to each person. This is not "one size fits all" kind of work. — Peg Fortenbery, Cincinnati, OH

Giles is very adept at guiding participants through this deep healing work. I'm very happy I did this weekend. — Shela Anmuth, Asheville, NC

I came into this weekend with extremely personal devastating news. I went away with new eyes, a freshened heart, and better understanding of my internal emotional capacities. I am not the same person as when I first entered the workshop in very strong, present, and positive ways. This is a workshop that is well worth your time and money. You will not regret the impact it has on your life. — Bobbi Redelman, St. Charles, IL

Bring your baggage and unpack it in a safe environment. I have witnessed old wounds take a giant step toward being healed over and over again. I love shadow work. — Elayne D'Anza, Chicago, IL

Giles Carwyn facilitates Shadow Work intuitively and with real mastery. He creates a safe space wherein a participant can delve deeply into his or her emotional life to discover shadows and gold. — Mark Bondurant, Asheville, NC

I have known Giles Carwyn for 3-1/2 years…I find him to be extraordinarily gifted in this field with a quick mind, a comprehensive grasp of the possibilities inherent in each given situation. — Charlie Miller, Asheville, NC

Giles Carwyn is a skilled shadow work facilitator. He is attentive to the process with patience, intuition, and awareness . You owe yourself the gift of his facilitation. — Jeffrey Goldwasser, Asheville, NC

Giles serves as a kind of magical guide when he facilitates; allowing shadow wounds of the past to be safely examined, and to continue the process of energetic healing. He has innate gifts and skills for doing this work. — Keith Fredrick, Asheville, NC

Giles has written articles for the Shadow Work® email newsletter, of which he is the editor. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, and enjoys ecstatic dance, outdoor adventures, strategy games, intimate conversation, and laughter. You can reach him by phone at (828) 782-7110 or by email at gilescarwyn@gmail.com.


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