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Cliff Barry and Vicki Woodard

"Cliff Barry is one of very few men I totally trust to facilitate my personal work. When I need clarity, when my path is unclear, Cliff is a man I call upon. His clear, non-judgmental, loving approach works wonders for my soul." - Rich Tosi, co-founder of the ManKind Project

"Vicki Woodard has helped me process several very difficult personal issues and transitions. I have found her coaching support to be excellent. She exudes compassion and creates the space for total acceptance of my situation so that I have the safety to do my deep work. I am picky about who I work with and believe that Vicki has huge expertise and wisdom." - Erica Groschler, President, TPS Consulting, Ltd.

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We're inviting you to learn how Shadow Work® Coaching could support you in having the life you want. We have provided links for your exploration and to help you determine whether Shadow Work® Coaching might work for you.

Shadow Work® has a proven track record. We have developed and practiced this work since 1989. And we think we have one of the most effective coaching approaches available today. Click on one of these links to explore:
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We work with individuals, couples, organizational leaders, teams, facilitators, and other coaches.


Shadow Work® Coaching is a deeply transformational approach designed to help men and women interested in personal growth to see, understand and transform their shadows. A "shadow" is a denied or repressed part of the self that can, if left unexamined, control our actions in ways we might not choose or be aware of.

Developed by Cliff Barry, a business entrepreneur, ordained minister and long-time leader of men's spiritual retreats, Shadow Work® is based on the work of Carl Jung, Robert Bly, Robert Moore and Doug Gillette, and Ron Hering.


Because in Shadow Work® Coaching we focus on slowly and gently uncovering shadowed instincts or unseen patterns, we find that this approach often creates more safety for people to grow and learn. Paradoxically, bringing out the fearful or unwanted parts of ourselves, so they can be seen without shame or judgment, allows people to evolve slowly, safely, without confrontation or pressure and with full choice — while at the same time supporting profound change.

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