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The Basic Facilitator Training is an intense practicum using the tools demonstrated in the Basic Facilitator Training Videos. Participants in this training will receive the appropriate DVDs and manual approximately six weeks before the training, so they can become familiar with the tools and processes before the training.

This training is highly experiential, and has a small participant-to-trainer ratio. The focus of this training is to provide participants with a solid base in the use of the basic Shadow Work® facilitation tools (see The Four-Quarter Model). This involves a great deal of hands-on facilitation time, both in practice situations and in real processes.

It is recommended that you attend at least one Shadow Work® weekend before attending the Basic Facilitator Training. Other options include Women In Power, the New Warrior Training Adventure, Woman Within, the Inner King Training, the Inner Sovereign Leadership Training, and the Priestess Path.

This training is the first step to becoming certified as either a Shadow Work® Group Facilitator or a Shadow Work® Coach (What Does "Certified" Mean?).

Read the brochure for this training.

For training dates and costs, see the Calendar of Events.

See also Top 20 Things You Can Learn at the BFT.

See also our new training for all group facilitators, the Shadow Types Training.


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