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Shadow Work Basics CD
The Ideas Behind Shadow Work®

$7.00 on CD
Or download for free

Shadow Work® Basics explains in detail the philosophy and beliefs of Shadow Work®. Shadow Work® founders Cliff Barry and Mary Ellen Whalen explain, in simple language, and in an easy, conversational style:

  • What a shadow is
  • How can we see what's in shadow for us
  • How we project our shadow onto the people around us
  • What a "container" is
  • How we build a safe container
  • What a Shadow Work® process looks like
  • The kinds of Shadow Work® available

Included when you order the CD is a printed map of The Shadow Work® Four-Quarter Facilitation Model. See map.

Cliff and Mary Ellen also explain the central role of choice in all Shadow Work® processing: "We love to empower people to work at their own speed. We think that is the work that lasts the best. Now, there are people we know who want to go to a seminar and have someone hit them right between the eyes with a two-by-four, and give them a big wake-up call, and knock them over backwards. And they don't want anyone to ask their permission, either. And if that is your learning style, Shadow Work® might not be right for you. We like working very consensually with our participants so that they are cooperating with us in their own growth, because we think that is the kind of growth that lasts the best."

If you have heard of "the shadow" and wondered what it was, Shadow Work® Basics may be just what you're looking for. And if you're an old hand at shadow theory, Shadow Work® Basics will offer you many new insights, from master facilitators who have been working with the four-quarter model for nearly two decades. You will learn more about the four archetypes, which represent the energies of the four quarters:

  • The Magician archetype: "Magician energy is about perspective and options ... It isn't necessarily a warm, heartful seeing; it is just an objective seeing of all possibilities."

  • The Sovereign archetype: "If the Magician is the eyes that see, the Sovereign is the heart that cares."

  • The Lover archetype: "Lover energy is about gut-level connection. ... When I am really connected with my Lover, I am in a place of oneness with all that is."

  • The Warrior archetype: "The Warrior loves action, sometimes for the sake of action. ... (it's even) willing to kill what needs to die in order to make room for something new to be born."

For each archetype, you will also learn:

  • Its purpose
  • Its masculine and feminine sides
  • What it looks like in mature form
  • What it looks like in shadow
  • Its association with a certain family role
  • The emotion which acts like a "gateway" to the archetype
  • The shaming "wound" many of us carrying in that quarter
  • The Shadow Work® tools used to address that wound.

"We want you to have a basic idea of what Shadow Work® is, the model on which it is based, so you can gauge whether our beliefs can work for you." — Cliff and Mary Ellen

copyright © 1997 Shadow Work® Seminars, Inc. All rights reserved. Made in USA.

Shadow Work® Basics is approximately 80 minutes long. Featuring Cliff Barry and Mary Ellen Whalen, with original music, "Spring River Waltz," by John Whalen. Included is a printed map of The Shadow Work® Four-Quarter Facilitation Model.

Other excellent introductions to Shadow Work® are The Tombstone CD and the book Practically Shameless, available both in paperback and audio book editions.


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