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Archetypal Journey CD by Dakota Windancer

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Click for larger view of Archetypal Journey CD by Dakota Windancer
Special Offer
on behalf of the
Shadow Work® Scholarship Fund


A limited number of copies of the Archetypal Journey CD, Polishing The Diamond Within, by national-award-winning flute player Dakota Windancer, are available for sale to raise funds for the Shadow Work® Scholarship Fund.

The artist has generously sold us a limited number of these CDs at cost. All profit from our online store's sales of this special CD, just released in January 2013, will be donated to the Shadow Work® Scholarship Fund.


1. Honoring the Morning****
2. East Direction of Lover Energy
A. Song of Lamentations****
      B. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
3. South Direction of Warrior Energy
      A. Star-Spangled Banner
      B. Peaceful Warrior****
4. West Direction of Magician Energy
      A. Wayfaring Stranger
      B. Dance of the Shaman****
      C. Hollow Bone Song (Power Song)****
5. North Direction of Royal Energy
      A. How Great Thou Art
      B. Amazing Grace
6. Honoring the Night****
7. Epilogue/Dream Time****

****Original composition by Dakota Windancer


View the CD liner's beautiful artwork

Invitation to Intention. "Gift yourself by taking the "Archetypal Journey" as a visualization and enter into the somatic energies of King, Warrior, Lover, and magician. This offering also has separate tracks designed for easy listening where you may enter into rest and ground yourself while relaxing earth-based pitches, vibrations, and rhythms. Enter into a time of liminality where imagination, mood, and emotion transform you into a 'Peaceful Warrior.'"

Dedication. "I wish to dedicate this offering first to the Great Mystery who expresses through me in words, music, and intention, my passion for living and loving. To the men of the Mankind Project, a worldwide organization who have helped me discover and own my personal mission for living, and gifts that I have to offer in service to all living things. You have given me a tribe I can be my authentic self in and a place where I am seen! My heart is full. Finally to Dr. Robert Moore whose work and mentorship have inspired me and who has given me a language of my heart's yearning and intuitive knowing. Without you entering my life my 'Diamond Within' would never have known what a difference polishing can make for my inner brilliance to be revealed in so many expressions. Your help has led me to the promised land of constant becoming to be revealed in eternal being. The best I can do is now attainable through the depth of understanding you have given me in discovering who I am becoming and knowing myself better. I am truly blessed by you and your years of work. I hold the deepest respect and admiration for your gifts to the human family."

Length: 78:48.

Native American and Irish flutes and narration by Dakota Windancer. Percussion work by Jesse "Quick Hands" Warmka. Female vocals on "Hollow Bone Song" by Jennifer Grant.

Recorded at Absolute Audio. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Ehren Tresner. Artwork conceived by Dakota Windancer. Archetypal Image graphic art by Travis Manci. Paintings of "Moonbear" and "Medicine Wolves" on the CD liner (dedication page and invitation page) by Jean Kringle.

This CD is not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy.

CD Copyright © 2013 Dakota Windancer. All rights reserved.

Dakota Windancer may be contacted by email for inspirational story telling, national award-winning flute playing, dream work, and facilitation in Shadow Mining, creating personal ceremony and ritual for self-empowerment, Theopostic prayer, metaphysical healing, and archetypal wisdom.



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