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Shame Lifter Training, Online

May 1


Start date TBD
We will be starting the next Shame Lifter Training June 2023.
We will close registration for this session on May 25th, 2023 so please let us know if you are interested in attending this year.

The course will be taught by Karin Green (Certified Shadow Work Trainer) and featured by Cliff Barry

To register contact Karin Green at karin@shadowwisdom.com


Online Training


Why Shame Lifter Training?
Maybe you have already taken the Leader Training or the Coaching Training, but you are not sure you are ready to certify.
Maybe you recognize that working the Shame Lifters into your toolkit would really improve your skills in groups, meetings or coaching sessions.
Maybe you are certified, but you are still wobbly on the Shame Lifters.

We get it! It takes time and practice to translate the processes you have learned in the BFT and the AFT and make them abstract enough to use in a conversation.

“I remember the first time I recognized a perfect opportunity for a Tombstone Shame Lifter, and I froze because I could not remember how to do it. I wish this class had been available for me during my first years of practicing Shadow Work. The next time I recognized an opportunity for a Shame Lifter, I stumbled through it, totally butchered it, and it still worked!” –K.G.

Even if you’re already certified, you may want to improve your proficiency with the Shame Lifters. Here’s what one recent student said:

“I’ve been working with federal agency doing mostly facilitation and training. And I regularly get compliments on my ‘container buster/hijacker’ skills (from participants and other trainers alike). And that’s because of Shadow Work and its awesomeness! So thank you for your great teaching and coaching. Even if I never do another thing again, I’ve got much stronger “regular life” facilitation skills because of it, and I am SUPER grateful.” –G.K.

In the Online Shame Lifters Training you will:
receive a manual ahead of the training, outlining each Shame Lifter, with examples
receive 9 recorded video “teaching classes”
participate in 5 90-minute practice sessions. This is where the rubber hits the road. This is where you make this your own connect with other students to practice
attend a final online Question & Answer Session

Once you are enrolled in the program, you will receive a Doddle poll to find the best times and days for everyone to meet. If you can’t make the dates picked as a result of the Doodle poll, you can request a refund.

So let us help you get your confidence up! Let us help you make these Shame Lifters a natural part of your skill set – that you can use in so many aspects of your life! The invitation is to come and work with the Shame Lifters, and stumble and practice with us, so you can use these amazing tools proficiently in your life.

Other programs can teach you how to “shut down” objectors in your container. But the Shame Lifters handle objections by lifting shame, rather than by applying more shame. This means that the strength of your container can be enhanced by the use of Shame Lifters, rather than being torn apart by defensiveness, power plays, controversy, objections or acting out.

We believe that participants in our containers deserve to be treated with as little shame as possible –– even if they act out in our container –– even if they obstruct or attack our container –– even if they attack us. There’s still a way to facilitate their objections gracefully and with dignity.

But as usual, powerful tools require powerful dedication to learn. No one learns to use these impressive tools overnight. They need to be learned over time, and with practice.

So what is a Shame Lifter?

A Shame Lifter is a formatted way of responding to a Container Buster, which helps alleviate shame.

Every Shame Lifter is an abstraction of one Shadow Work® process. And every Shadow Work process alleviates some shame. So using a Shame Lifter is like taking a shortcut.. It’s like facilitating a “mini” Shadow Work Process in the way you speak to an objector. Using Shame Lifters is a stealthy way to quiet down an objector without using shame. So even when you can’t run a whole process (and you SO WISH that you could), you can still have a shame-lifting effect by embedding the circuitry of a Shadow Work process into your responses.

Utilizing abstracted versions of the Shadow Work® processes to format your responses, you will be able to progressively lift the shame off them, by incrementally suggesting less-shaming interpretations of whatever is going on. And as you help lift the shame, you create a safer container for both you and your participants.

Using the Shame Lifters may occasionally require some teamwork between you and your co-facilitator, or your co-coach, if you are working with one. But you will learn to use them by yourself as well, when formatting responses in almost any conversation.

And here’s the final benefit. When you have internalized the Shame Lifters, you will find that they help you to avoid shaming yourself, as well.

The course will be taught by Karin Green (Certified Shadow Work Trainer) and featured by Cliff Barry



May 1
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