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Online Basic Shadow Work Facilitation Training

June 1


Date: starting June 1st

Registration: Karin Green – Karin@shadowwisdom.com

Registration cost: $3,500

Logistics: We will send out a doodle calendar to get you input for the days and times for this training

Facilitators: Karin Green, Cliff Barry, Vicki Woodard, Judge Mattocks


Shadow Work® provides powerful tools for bringing out of the shadow and into the light the valuable parts of yourself you have repressed, denied, or disowned. In this way, you have more capacity, balance, and choice with which to live your life. You will discover how to use the power of symbolic space for bringing these tools to bear in your own life and in the lives of others. The scope of what you can expect to get out of this training is enormous and includes:

A solid grounding in the basic Shadow Work facilitation skills, using the Shadow Work Four-Quarter Model.
Insights about facilitation. We will open your eyes to new ways of seeing the shadows people carry. These new perspectives will help you facilitate or coach much more effectively.
Learning from the masters. Our “chop wood, carry water” approach takes you behind the scenes. We will show you how we harness our shadows to make us better facilitators.
A toolkit of professional facilitation skills that you can apply in almost any situation.

The Online BFT features 17 3-hour Zoom sessions, during which you will learn and then practice all the BFT processes, like the Pre-Process Steps, the Risk Manager, What’s at Risk, Ideal Support, Working in Support, the Switch, the Pull-Out, the Warrior Run and Ending a Process. You will practice each process on one of the trainers. You will also be put into small groups with other students to practice the processes outside of the regular class times.

This is an invitation to learn about the essential Shadow Work facilitation skills and how to use them. The training we invite you to join will be intense, enjoyable and practical and will show you our secrets for facilitating very safe processes that really help people grow.


The BFT gives you step-by-step summaries for facilitating Shadow Work processes, together with lots of experiential practice time. We train small groups of facilitators so you can receive plenty of mentoring and guidance from us as you practice the processes.

This training also provides you with the opportunity for some personal growth as you recognize and begin working with the shadows that block your ability to facilitate. These are the very same shadows that block your ability to facilitate yourself into the life you want. In this way, you will gain more capacity, choice and balance with which to live your life.

Besides learning to facilitate Shadow Work processes, you will also be shown some of the four basic “Shifts in Perception” we use to illuminate the most difficult shadows you will encounter as a facilitator. You will learn how each of the four biggest shadows grew out of a particular set of wounds, and how it can be unraveled and mended by the Shadow Work processes. Learning to understand what’s really beneath the most difficult shadows gives you leverage for dealing with other people’s difficulties (and also your own when “you get like that”:)
Cost: The tuition is $3500. The Online version of the BFT offers you more personalized instruction and mentoring than the In-Person BFT. The Online BFT therefore requires more Trainers than the In-Person version, so the tuition for the Online BFT is higher.

After we receive your $750 deposit we will work with everyone who has registered to determine the best days and times for the 17 Zoom calls. Once the dates have been determined, if you cannot attend enough of the classes, and you do not want to watch recordings of the classes you miss, you can request a full refund of your deposit and opt out of the training.

Please register soon so we can send you the Poll where you can vote for the class dates and times that work the best for you.

Some partial scholarships are available.

You will be required to sign a licensing agreement with Shadow Work Licensing, LLC in order to receive your manual.

Prerequisite for attending the Online BFT: You are required to attend at least one event where where you personally experience Shadow Work for yourself. We think the best prerequisite is the actual Shadow Work Seminar, because that allows you to experience the exact facilitation your will be learning at the Basic Facilitator Training. But other seminars qualify as well, such as the New Warrior Training Adventure, Woman Within, Woman Revealed, the Inner King Training, the Crucible Project Weekend, Soul Beauty, the Unleashed Weekend, the Unknown Weekend, Women In Power, the Priestess Path, Battle Cry, some Shadow Work Coaching Packages and other events where Shadow Work is used.



If you are planning to become certified as a Shadow Work Facilitator or Coach, after completing the Online BFT you will be required to attend the Advanced Facilitator Training Prerequisite Seminar (AFT – PS) as a prerequisite for attending the Advanced Facilitator Training. This is a separate training with additional tuition and expenses. You can learn more about the AFT-PS here.
If you are not interested in becoming certified as a Shadow Work Facilitator or Coach, you may proceed to the Online Advanced Facilitator Training without attending the AFT-PS.
This is because we have changed the flow of our trainings to accommodate the people who do not want Shadow Work Certification, do not want to use the term “Shadow Work” to describe their work and do not want another seminar to enhance their ability to facilitate the tools from the BFT. This might include the people who already have places to use the tools they learn in the BFT, like their own therapy or coaching practices or staffing seminars conducted by other organizations.
To better understand the new flow of trainings for certification, please contact Karin Green and look at the Training Opportunities Flow Chart for becoming Certified as a Shadow Work Coach or the Training Opportunities Flow Chart for becoming Certified as a Shadow Work Facilitator.



June 1
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Karin Green
Cliff Barry
Vicki Woodard
Judge Mattocks, JR