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The Shadow Work® model has made a kind of quantum leap in the last few years.

We have broken each archetype down into three subdivisions, so that we can now see shadows in "twelves" instead of just seeing in "fours."

This means that you can learn to identify 12 distinct shadows and see through the lens of "twelves." This puts a finer point on your perception of the four archetypes. You will go from seeing in "fours" to seeing in "twelves."

These 12 shadows don't contradict the idea of there being four main shadows in the four directions. It just refines your definition of those shadows. You might say that Shadow Work has gone "Hi Def." The new model offers better resolution, so that you can see finer details. It makes for all-around better viewing. The idea is to deepen your ability to perceive shadows, and to teach you how to use what we call the "Deep Pathways" for each type of shadow.

Here's an example. Suppose that someone wants to work on how they follow through on their mission in the world. This could be a man who wants to change the world, or it could be a woman, whose mission is more about changing or helping her family members. But suppose this person says something like this:

"I know what my mission is. The problem is that I'm just not following through with it. I'm not really DOING IT."


Now, by seeing in "fours" we can tell that this person is talking about some connection between the Sovereign and the Warrior. MISSION is about Sovereign energy, right? And DOING IT is about the Warrior.

So you could say that this person probably has a shadow in the Warrior quarter and needs some Warrior work to bring up the kind of energy that can follow through.


Seeing in twelves, however, will give us better resolution on the problem, so let's delve into some detail in this one example.

We have divided Sovereign energy into three sub-categories, or traits, called Idealizing, Affecting and Fostering. Idealizing is about dreaming up things to do. Affecting is about "faking it 'til you make it." And Fostering is about nurturing others, or nurturing your inner child, or nurturing the parts of you that could carry out your plans.

Idealizing, Affecting and Fostering are three very different aspects of Sovereign energy. And the person in our example is displaying a problem that is common to only one of these three Sovereign Traits. The problem of having a mission, but not carrying out the mission, is a problem that's very common to Affecting.

When you create a mission of some kind, it's helpful to "fake it 'til you make it." In other words, you can perform better if you pretend that you're already there. Athletes do this all the time, visualizing themselves performing perfectly, because it has been proven to enhance their performance.

But Affecting is only a helper. It doesn't do the whole job. So people who use a lot of Affecting often complain that they can't finish the job, because they are depending too much on their pretending to get the job done.


One of the 12 Shadow Types is called THE AFFECTER. This is the sort of person who loves to use Affecting as their primary way of achieving their goals. And AFFECTERS love to achieve things. It's often hard for AFFECTERS to slow down in their lives. They are often seen as being married to their jobs, or married to their callings.

In addition to achieving, AFFECTERS love to wear fashionable clothes. They like to have new cars, or beautiful homes, or expensive watches. They like good haircuts. They love to "look the part." They are involved in having a good image. And that's because they embody this trait of AFFECTING. They intuitively know that you can get places by pretending that you are already there. They know how to use the art of pretending in a useful way.

We say that AFFECTERS live at the Sovereign end of the Sovereign/Warrior loop. This means that their home base is in Sovereign energy, and from there they are most comfortable going to their Warrior energy to get things done. This Sovereign/Warrior loop is like having your foot on the gas pedal of your car. It combines Sovereign motivation with Warrior follow-through, and you speed off into doing.

We also know that AFFECTERS seek positive feedback in their lives. We know that one of the reasons they race around achieving things is that they want some affirmation from some kind of big parental energy. And they will go to almost any lengths to get a pat on the back from a parental figure.


But we have learned over the years that AFFECTERS have a kind of Kryptonite in their personality, too. They have been wounded by one of the four archetypes in a way that makes them avoid it most of the time. Like Superman, the AFFECTERS become weak whenever they are around their kind of Kryptonite. So while this type of person is most at home in Sovereign energy and also comfortable in Warrior energy, they are extremely uncomfortable around certain kinds of Lover energy.

Specifically, their Kryptonite is a kind of yielding energy that lives in the Lover quarter. It's the kind of energy that can let go and surrender. And the reason this energy became their Kryptonite is that they were wounded when they were in this energy as children. Whenever they tried to let go and surrender, they were criticized for being lazy or worthless in some way. They were told that they were not good enough to deserve a blessing. They were told that they must always try harder and harder and harder.

So, from the Shadow Types, we know that this person has a deep wound in the Lover quarter. This doesn't mean that AFFECTERS are completely unemotional. It means that they become fearful whenever there's an opportunity to surrender and let go. They become afraid that they will be criticized if they don't always perform magnificently. So they try to earn love, instead of knowing how to surrender and simply receive love.

The criticism that plagues AFFECTERS lives in the Magician quarter. So while their deepest shadow is in the Lover quarter, they aren't too comfortable with certain Magician energies, either. AFFECTERS are usually very intelligent people, but they often display a blind spot in their Magician quarter. They have a hard time seeing when someone is shaming them.

This means that this person is not likely to be seeing their own situation very accurately. We will expect that if they choose to process their problem on the carpet, one of the big pay-offs for them be a major realization. Usually they have been shaming themselves by believing that they are really deficient in some way. Then they get the realization that they aren't as bad as they thought. They will realize that they have been getting shamed by others, or simply by the disapproving voice of their own Inner Critic. They will often see that they have been shaming themselves unnecessarily (in this case, maybe by telling themselves that they aren't really following through on their mission).

So we know that we want to direct the AFFECTERS to their Magician energy, and help them get the shame out of their vision of themselves. Then we can help them reach their deepest shadow in the Lover quarter.

In our current example, we may find, in the end, that the person was not actually failing to follow through. We might discover that they had been working on their follow-through just fine, but they were missing some much-needed support. Or we might discover that they were simply missing some critical piece of the puzzle that kept them from fully applying their mission. But we have found that they seldom actually end up doing Warrior work. It's usually more tricky than that. And so, in this case, seeing in twelves really helps.


For processing the person in our example, we still need to help them get in touch with the Lover energy that they need to balance themselves. We might be tempted to try persuading them to simply slow down and smell the flowers more. But this does not usually go well. AFFECTERS are already shaming themselves internally, so they are likely to interpret our advice as more criticism. And they are afraid to slow down because they fear even more criticism if they do.

This is where the Deep Pathways come in. We have discovered a Deep Pathway specifically for AFFECTERS. We know that they are most at home in Sovereign energy, and we know that they regularly employ Warrior energy to get things done. So the Pathway begins in the Sovereign and proceeds to the Warrior. Then, we know that their final destination is in the Lover quarter, where their deepest wound lies. But where does the Magician energy fit in?

For AFFECTERS, the Magician energy acts like a kind of "missing vitamin." It completes the Pathway. It fills in the stepping stones so the AFFECTER can get to the shadow in the Lover quarter. So the Deep Pathway for the AFFECTER is to go from Sovereign to Warrior to Magician to Lover.

So rather than pushing the AFFECTERS to slow down, it works better to help them straighten out their shaming messages about themselves first. And since this is less threatening for AFFECTERS, they can follow this Deep Pathway more easily.

So, in working with the person in our example, we will look for ways to move them from their highly-functioning Sovereign/Warrior loop through some Magician and then into the Lover. But this does not mean that we would have the AFFECTER do whole processes in each of the four quarters. Instead, we will use our knowledge of the Deep Pathway to emphasize certain parts of whatever the person chooses to do on the carpet.

Deep Pathway for the AFFECTER

For example, with this Pathway in mind, we might approach them initially with positive affirmation of some kind (because this is starting with the Sovereign). Then we might offer them a challenge of some kind, like asking them "What's at Risk" to do something (because this would be moving into the Warrior). Then we might help the person detach, into a triangled position, or into a Risk Manager, where we could explore their view of themselves (and this would bring in some Magician energy). And finally we might ask them to regress the problem back to when they were small (because this will help them connect with their Inner Child's feelings and bring out some Lover energy).

When we do this with AFFECTERS, we find that their feelings, once they arise, make wonderful teachers. In fact, once they are in their feelings, AFFECTERS are usually ushered straight into the new Magician realizations that they need to follow through on their missions. It can be wonderful just watching them find lots of new perspectives once they get into their feelings. Connecting with the Inner Child gets them beyond their self-criticism to see themselves in a new and inspiring light. And then they are on their way towards fulfilling their mission. So AFFECTERS can benefit from being in the whole Magician-Lover loop because that whole loop is a kind of shadow for them.

So, in this case, seeing in twelves was very helpful. Instead of merely recommending Warrior work, as we might have done by seeing in fours, we were able to follow the Deep Pathway from Sovereign to Warrior to Magician to Lover. And we have learned from experience that this Pathway works very reliably whenever someone presents this problem.


This brings up a wonderful advantage in the Shadow Types system. You will eventually learn to type problems as well as learning to type people. This means that while you will initially learn the 12 Shadow Types as if they were only personality types for whole people, you will ultimately learn to see that all problems could be sorted into these 12 categories. And this means that you can discover a Deep Pathway for approaching any problem. If you were having the problem from our example, you could use the Deep Pathway for AFFECTERS, even if you are not primarily an AFFECTER in the rest of your life.

This keeps us from pigeon-holing others or ourselves. It helps us approach each new problem with a fresh set of eyes. Once we are truly seeing in twelves, we can discover all 12 Types in ourselves and in the people we are facilitating. We can use any of the 12 Deep Pathways for reaching the shadow of a problem.

Once you learn them, the 12 Deep Pathways make it easier to type even very complex things. For example, using the Shadow Types, it's not difficult to type whole organizations. Imagine an organization where there are clearly defined missions and goals but the missions are not being carried through to completion. From the Shadow Types we could use the same Deep Pathway to help bring this organization into balance. We would simply need to adapt our four-directional tools for use with organizations, and then lead the organization from Sovereign to Warrior to Magician to Lover.

As another example, we believe that you can learn to type your relationship. Your relationship has a type of its own, which is often independent from your type or your partner's type. Imagine knowing an overall Deep Pathway for your relationship as its problems arise.

We believe that all this is possible because we have been working with deep emotions for so many years that we have come to a deeper view on personality typing. And because Shadow Work® approaches all problems in such a forgiving way, we believe that we have been shown this graceful way of working with types. Since we have processed most of these problems through to the end, where we have seen the glory they reveal, it's natural that we would discover a unique way of typing people, problems, organizations and relationships.

If you already know the Enneagram system for typing personalities, your knowledge will help you learn the Shadow Types. Most of the nine Enneagram Types can be overlaid on one of the 12 Shadow Types. And you will find that our way of typing makes it easier to process the shadows of each type of person, organization or issue.


Finally, we have arranged the 12 Shadow Types into a Time Model, which describes the "batting order" through which all the different traits manifest themselves in any cycle of growth. This means that once we can type the issue we are currently working, we can anticipate the next one and prepare ourselves to better face what might be coming next.

We are now able to predict much more accurately the next stage in the processing of any issue, or in the development of any individual or organization.


Even if you have studied Shadow Work® extensively over the years, this training will help to deepen both your understanding and your application of the work. We are offering this knowledge separate from our other trainings because we believe that taking the time to learn these types experientially will greatly improve your facilitation, no matter how much experience you may already have.

We understand that the time and money involved in taking another training will be challenging for many in these difficult times. And we are willing to consider helping those who need some financial assistance to attend.


Schedule: The training lasts six days. Daily sessions are 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with a break for lunch. Please arrive at 8:15 a.m. on the first day of training to complete your registration. Full details in training packet sent to you upon registration.

For training dates and costs, see the Calendar of Events. The Shadow Types Training includes an extensive manual on the Shadow Types for you to study beforehand. Once you send us a deposit, you will receive the manual in the mail.


For more information, call Vicki Woodard at (303) 442-7989, or email .

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