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We firmly believe that our prices represent the value you will get from your coaching experience: namely a significant shift in your sense of who you are and the alignment you experience with your life goals.

And, at the same time, we want to make our work available to the broadest spectrum of people and financial situations possible. To accomplish this, we use a sliding scale. Here's how it works: If you would be willing to discuss your finances with us, we may be able to pro-rate our fees down from our top price to match your financial realities. We'll make every effort to find a connection with Shadow Work® that you can afford.

We also like to do some work "pro bono" for causes we believe can benefit from the Shadow Work® approach.

And, if you are ever dissatisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee.


In-Person Coaching Intensives
Coaching intensives produce a deep-seated, significant change that is sustainable over time. This usually requires two, three, or four days. We conduct Coaching Intensives with two facilitators. Contact us for our fees. Some phone coaching is included with this work.

Blocks of Coaching Time
You may also arrange to work with us for three-hour blocks of coaching time, with one or two facilitators. You may put together two blocks of time in one day. Please contact us for fees.

Coaching by Phone
We each offer phone coaching sessions based on the goals you have. This can be a one- or two-hour coaching call. Or it can be a comprehensive program of several calls lasting one to two hours each. The choice is determined by what you'd like to accomplish. Please contact us for fees.

Customized Leadership and Team Interventions
We create customized retreats or workshops for leaders and teams wanting to increase their effectiveness, revive their vitality or heal corrosive and unproductive behavior patterns. Fees vary according to the scope of the work.


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