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When it comes to change, few accomplishments come without a price. In our years of working with people we have found that the more safety we create by identifying and exploring the risks, the more people become willing to risk. It's a psychological paradox that works almost every time. It works because a risk is something you can choose to take. Without identifying risks, you are hampered by vague fears of their exaggerated importance. However, by examining them, and choosing those you are willing to take, your commitment gains much more momentum and long-term sustainability. You are more likely to make permanent shifts that can influence your future and those of others you work with.


We believe that you possess good "radar" for the risks of shifting your life. Your inner "Risk Manager," as we call it, can tell us what steps might be too risky for you. We respect this function, which monitors and protects us all from undue risk. In Shadow Work® Coaching we include your Risk Manager in every step of the process.

Some risks you might face include:

Your sense of stability.  When you strive for a shift in your work practices or relationships, your sense of stability may come to be at risk.

Your sense of yourself.  Although most of your old traits will eventually find a place of service in your new life, you must still take the risk that you may lose a part of yourself in the change.

Your sense of affiliation.  When you work to become more integrated, focused and aligned with your sense of purpose and goals, some affiliation with friends or colleagues may fall away. It can be lonely until there is new affiliation more consistent with your refined values and goals.

Although these risks may not occur for you, others may. So, when working with you we carefully consider, together, these and other risks involved.


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