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The work world of today is one of constant change. It's very difficult to predict what will come next. As a business person or leader in your organization, your capacity to learn and adapt is the best new competence you can forge.

Shadow Work® Coaching offers a way to learn what you didn't learn in business or grad school. Learn how to respond to what you can't know, can't predict, or can't see. And experience the results. Not in a year. Not next quarter. Now.

A Shadow Work® Coach offers you an expert partner, one who provides fresh eyes and new models for seeing and processing situations. It's a deeper approach than is offered by conventional management strategies. One that is guided by a long tradition of interpreting human motivation and behavior through the Four Directions. You may need to dig deep into the ugly underbelly, but you'll come out the other side with a power that can energize and stimulate positive change.

And working with a Shadow Work® coach gives you something most busy executives and entrepreneurs don't avail themselves of now—time. Time to process—safe time, powerful time. Time to find innovative solutions and fresh perspectives and to work through, with clarity and compassion, the professional and personal challenges facing you at the moment.


Here are some of the goals our clients have worked with before.

How to:

   Exercise balanced power in your leadership.
   Motivate and hold people accountable for results.
   Discover the values you most care about.
   Be more aligned with your sense of purpose and goals.
   Build powerful teams.
   Tell the tough "truths."
   Be an inspiring and strategic visionary.
   Take risks so you can make the hard choices.
   Bring more heart into your work.
   Transition from one career stage to another.
   Strengthen your identity and image as a leader.

We invite you to check in with yourself to see if you could use a guiding hand to help you face your professional work with even more compassion and power.


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