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Dear friend,

If you've been interested in doing Shadow Work® coaching but have found the commitment of time and money too great, we have some new options that we hope will work for you.

As our Coaching offerings have evolved over the years, we have come to realize that there are many variables facing our friends and clients when they are considering some coaching. Time, travel, finances and the nature of your issues all come into play. In response, we have developed a new, more flexible way to offer our coaching services. We hope you'll take a moment to consider this new approach.

New Approach—Building Blocks of Time. In order to reduce the costs, we have revised our concept of building blocks of time (3 hours of in-person coaching time). With this new system, you may contract for only 1 block, or up to as many as 12 blocks, spread over several days. This allows you to customize your coaching session, taking into account your goals, your issues and the time and money you have available. We will work with you to identify what the best combination might be for you.

Three Ways To Do Shadow Work® Coaching. So, now there are three options:

  • In-person Coaching customized with building blocks of time
  • Coaching by phone
  • Customized leadership or team interventions
Please take a moment to consider our new Options and Pricing for more detailed information about these various approaches.

We would be happy to speak with you about any questions you may have, help you identify options, or give you a sample of our approach. We hope you will consider the possibility of doing some coaching work with us.


Cliff and Vicki


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