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If you want an initiation into a new identity, to become more of who you want to be, then you need to transform the inner voices which say that you aren't that person already. Those inner critic voices say things like, you are arrogant, stuck, unworthy, unlovable, selfish, dangerous or confused.

Over the years, we have come to recognize what we do best. Here are some of the areas where people have achieved the transformation they were looking for by working with us.


  1. Alleviating depression or low energy.
  2. Restoring motivation and inspiration.
  3. Connecting with your body.
  4. Discovering the gold in your story.
  5. Healing addictions & compulsions.
  6. Learning to process by yourself.
  7. Learning to bless yourself.
  8. Setting sharp goals and boundaries.
  9. Giving and receiving love.
  10. Healing co-dependent family patterns.


  1. Managing the paradox between what we want and what I want.
  2. Balancing the roles of parent, friend and lover.
  3. When to give feedback.
  4. How to confront your partner.
  5. How to remain faithful.
  6. How to stop shaming each other.
  7. Creating enough external support.
  8. Four strategies when talking isn't working.
  9. How to "own your stuff."
  10. Balancing the power in relationship.


  1. Learning about unconditional love.
  2. Overcoming idealization of your partner, or of love itself.
  3. Learning to cultivate the safe and fertile ground for a loving relationship.
  4. The six steps of building a relationship.
  5. Assessing a new partner for compatibility.
  6. How men and women mark the progress of a relationship differently.
  7. How to set safe boundaries for sexuality in a developing relationship.
  8. Making love with the words you choose.
  9. The shadow of promises and vows.


  1. Liberating your sexuality as a source of creativity.
  2. Harnessing your sexuality to create intimacy.
  3. Knowing when to stop and process.
  4. Healing old sexual traumas.
  5. How "pretending" sets the stage for intimacy.
  6. How fantasies unlock your potential.
  7. Safety as an aphrodisiac.
  8. How sexuality heals wounds.
  9. How sex can be a stage to creatively express the soul of your relationship.
  10. Turning shaming voices into sexual playthings.


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