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We help you determine what you really want. Once you have defined your goal, we can navigate by this star, to be sure you remain on course. This also ensures that you set the agenda, and not us.


You list the risks for you, and we determine which risks you are willing to take today. This may clarify what you really want, and it may suggest a path you had not noticed before. We will help you identify your inner Risk Manager, and establish a role for this part of you in the process. Honoring your Risk Manager will create a sense of safety that will enable you to take more significant risks easily.


We will help you construct a "practice run" which enables you to have the internal experience of the change you want, without suffering undue external consequences.


You will have the experience of being who you want to be, in an atmosphere free from judgment or consequences. This is an initiation into the feeling level of your new identity. New parts of your mind will open, and you will feel like a new person in some way. This is a joyful place. You will feel bigger, and more motivated to create changes in your external life.


You will see a new way to organize and define yourself around this newfound identity. You will discover a fresh internal point of view, from which all your issues look different. You will be more accepting of yourself, and your issues, and therefore better able to work with them.


We will help you identify strategies for a fresh approach, based on your sense of being the person you want to be. We will support you as you work these changes into your life over a period of time.


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