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Nothing comes without a price. When you strive for a new identity, your old identities are at risk. And although most of your old traits will eventually find a place of service in your new life, you must still take the risk that you may lose a part of yourself in the change.

In Shadow Work® Coaching we carefully consider with you the risks involved. We believe that you possess good "radar" for the pitfalls of shifting your life. Your inner "Risk Manager" can tell us what might be too risky for you.

We honor this part of you, which has protected you from undue risks for many years. And with the co-operation of your Risk Manager, you will find the process of change much safer and easier.

We see a step-by-step growth process as the surest way to achieve your goal. So, when you pick something you want, we work with you to determine the risks, and then help you decide which risks you are willing to take today. We can navigate by your risks, to find the path that will work the best.

It is important to consider the risks, even if they might not actually happen. These could range, for example, from something as simple as feeling you've wasted your money, or exposed yourself to criticism from others, to more personal risks, i.e. feeling your life is falling apart, losing faith in yourself, or fear that changes you want to make might hurt other people. That is why our work with your Risk Manager is so important.


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