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Marianne Hill Marianne is a Shadow Work® Group Facilitator and Coach. She also works as a Shiatsu practitioner. Marianne draws strongly on the experience gained on her own life’s path and healing journey. Her practice is also informed by the skills gained in working as a relationship counselor and as a teacher working with teenagers in the inner city. 

Marianne believes deeply in the transformative power of non-judgmental acceptance — being witnessed, heard and held, whether this be physically as in a shiatsu session or emotionally as in the Shadow Work® process. Only then can the parts of ourselves that we most want to hide come forward into the light, knowing it is a safe place to be, and that they may finally be witnessed and transformed. From her work as a Shiatsu practitioner Marianne is particularly skilled at being with clients in a place that is beyond words, emotionally holding and supporting them when the work becomes non-verbal — maybe because trauma occurred too early to be put into words, or because words are simply inadequate or too hard to find. 

Marianne runs regular group Shadow Work® seminars, Women's Shadow Work® seminars and on-going Women's Shadow Work® groups, in Bristol and Frome. She works with a wide variety of clients and continues to be filled with awe and gratitude at the power and beauty of Shadow Work® and how it has transformed her own life and that of so many others. Marianne also works one-to-one with clients in both Bristol and Frome and offers coaching sessions via Skype. Please see her website, ShiatsuAndShadowWorkBristol.co.uk, for further information.

"Marianne, your graciousness and intuition are astounding to watch. You led with a fluidity and cohesiveness that felt continuously safe and full of direction and I often felt speechless with the results." — Kirstie Yelland, psychotherapy student

"Marianne and Hugh's commitment and dedication to both the practice and the participants in the group really shone through. The skill with which they created a containing space that was fully accepting of all that I am was awe-inspiring — and created a wonderful opportunity for deepening to myself. I cannot recommend this work highly enough." — Professor Steve Onyett, facilitator, coach and researcher

"I felt that together you created a very safe space for people to work within, and I had complete trust in the way you facilitated the work. Everything was clearly and calmly explained; this seemed particularly important given the deep nature of everyone’s work. I really marveled at how skillfully and seamlessly you both guided each person. I particularly appreciated the care that was taken to support me as a newcomer, having never done any group Shadow Work® before. It really helped me participate in a way that had felt out of reach to me before I did the workshop! I was left wondering how something so gently and gracefully delivered can be so incredibly powerful." — Rebecca, artist

"Thank you for your soulful, mindful presence which held the weekend in such safety and integrity. I was very challenged by the thought of doing this work in a group, yet you created a container in which much-needed energy shifts could happen naturally and in which I felt safe to dig up my deepest shadows. This work led to new insights for me and is hopefully a step towards a more open-hearted existence." — PJH

"Marianne and Hugh’s facilitation is skillful, safe and potent. The support and respect they provide in the context of a safe and shame-free group environment enabled me to explore my deepest and most important issues. This is the most powerful and transformative type of therapy I have found in 14 years of personal development work." — Rod B
To contact Marianne, please telephone 01373 300749 or e-mail MarianneHillShadowWork@gmail.com.

Read also Marianne's articles published in the Shadow Work® email newsletter.


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