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Marianne Hill Marianne is a Shadow Work® Coach and Group Facilitator. She also works as a Shiatsu practitioner. Marianne draws strongly on the experience gained on her own life’s path and healing journey. Her practice is also informed by the skills gained in working as a relationship counselor and as a teacher working with teenagers in the inner city. 

Marianne believes deeply in the transformative power of non-judgmental acceptance — being witnessed, heard and held, whether this be physically as in a shiatsu session or emotionally as in the Shadow Work® process. Only then can the parts of ourselves that we most want to hide come forward into the light, knowing it is a safe place to be, and that they may finally be witnessed and transformed. From her work as a Shiatsu practitioner Marianne is particularly skilled at being with clients in a place that is beyond words, emotionally holding and supporting them when the work becomes non-verbal ® maybe because trauma occurred too early to be put into words, or because words are simply inadequate or too hard to find. 

Marianne sees coaching clients in Bristol and Frome and also offers coaching sessions via Skype. She works with a wide variety of clients and continues to be filled with awe and gratitude at the power and beauty of Shadow Work® and how it has transformed her own life and that of so many others. Marianne also runs regular group Shadow Work® seminars and Women's Shadow Work® groups in both Bristol and Frome. Please see her website, ShiatsuAndShadowWorkBristol.co.uk, for further information.

"Marianne's Shadow Work® coaching enabled me to make huge shifts in past patterns of behaviour and negative thoughts. Marianne has immense, deep wisdom and she used her skills to gently allow me to explore some of the 'hidden' areas of my being that have held me back.  It's powerful 'soul' work that works — and works quickly.  I felt very safe and expertly guided in Marianne's hands and have benefitted enormously from her input." — Joanne, Connexions advisor

"Marianne helped me uncover and heal an old hurt from way back in my past that has been affecting my current experience and preventing me from making changes that I want to make. Marianne created an atmosphere which was safe, supportive and un-manipulative, bringing skills that enabled me to delve deeply and yet retain a sense of perspective and purpose. A wonderful experience with a wonderful, trustworthy and skilled woman." — Kay Julian, Organizer and De-Clutterer

"I recently completed a session of Shadow Work®, one-to-one coaching with Marianne and found it to be a profound and moving experience. From the beginning Marianne responded swiftly to my request for help and from walking in the door I felt immediately at ease and safe. Marianne created a sacred space, brought insight and fully supported the work I needed to do, and I believe this work is some of the deepest I have ever done. It was collaborative, creative, and deep, and she was at my side throughout. Marianne brings passion, commitment and an open heart, and with that I was able to expand enough to reach the places I needed to in order to transform the issue on the deepest level." — Vicky, Charity Key worker

"The Shadow Work® session I did with Marianne was amazing! Her facilitating was so 'light' and non-intrusive that I was able to go deep inside and completely focus on my process. At the same time she felt totally 'there' and 'on the ball', and her incisive questioning ensured I got right to the core of what I was working on and got exactly what I needed. The session helped me to get really clear on where I want to go in the next stage of my life, and has given me a direct experience of some of my inner allies who can assist me on that journey. Above all, as a direct result of that session, I feel I know myself better, like myself better, and am enjoying life more fully." — Melanie Ward-Ablitt, shiatsu practitioner


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