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Mark Daly-Gunter's commitment to facilitating couples to create extraordinary partnerships began in 1999. He was a member of a menís Council group and receiving amazing support for his personal growth and struggles in his marriage. He soon realized, "Hey, I want to do this with my wife and other couples!" That led to co-founding a coupleís circle that created a safe and supportive container for couples to grow and deepen their relationship in community.

A few years later, his marriage ended after 11 years, and he found himself picking up the pieces of his life as a single dad, co-parenting two spirited girls. When he met Jeannie in 2008, they discovered they shared the same values around personal growth and coupleís work and began the vision to create a marriage committed to Transformative Loving. His experience with the highs and lows of marriage, divorce, co-parenting and blended families gives him the compassion and perspective to work with the big challenges confronting many couples.

Professionally, Mark was an immigration lawyer and mediator for 18 years where he was able to counsel and help many families come together. For the past 14 years he has taken his skills in advocacy and mediation and transitioned from the law to a career as the Director of Training for Transformative Training Solutions where he works with organizations in team and leadership development, communication skills and conflict resolution. During this time, he has studied and incorporated valuable tools, including Voice Dialogue, Non-Violent Communication, and Self-Actualized Personal and Professional Coaching. He is a certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator and a Gottman Seven Principles Leader. These tools, plus his experience working with Imago Relationship Therapy, the Gottman Institute for relationships, and the Mankind Project brings him to this unique place where he can listen and provide support and education to couples who intend to face their personal and joint challenges, deepen their love and create extraordinary partnerships.

You can reach Mark at (303) 653-5677 or by email at mdaly63@gmail.com.


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