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Julie and Joe Mandarino, Fairfield, Iowa

From an early age, Julie Mandarino has been fascinated with understanding people and how they develop. This fascination led her to pursue psychology and meditation, both for her own development and as a means for helping other people. For many years, she taught the Transcendental Meditation technique. She then completed a Ph.D. in psychology and worked as a psychology professor, specializing in child and adult development as well as family dynamics.

In 2005, Julie discovered Shadow Work®. Almost immediately, she recognized the depth of the model and the power of its tools. From her perspective, Shadow Work® is pushing the edge of modern psychology into new realms. Soon after, Julie and her husband Joe became Certified Shadow Work® Facilitators and Coaches. In 2008, she left her college position and has become increasingly involved with Shadow Work® programs since then. She and Joe have developed the Shadow Types survey for assessing peoples' Shadow Types and, as Certified Shadow Types Trainers, they offer workshops to train people to learn about the Shadow Types and to administer the survey. They are also part of a team with Cliff Barry that is adapting Shadow Work® and Shadow Types for organizations. As part of this team, Julie has been working with Jeff Fard to produce a book (soon to be released) for presenting this material to the corporate world.

Julie’s main passion, however, lies in promoting strong, healthy relationships and strengthening the family unit. While a college professor, she gained extensive training with leaders in the field of relationship dynamics and skills. Her most popular course was one that she and a male colleague offered on “Sex, Love and Intimate Relationships.” She is now working to integrate this background with Shadow Work® to develop a program that applies Shadow Work® to coaching couples.

Julie continues to do individual coaching and to lead Shadow Work® groups with the other local facilitators in Fairfield, Iowa, where she and her husband live. In addition to Shadow Work®, her other main joys include dancing, fashion design, meditation, and women’s circles. And more and more, she enjoys simple, leisure time. Julie can be reached by phone at (319) 481-2753 or by email at jmandarino1@icloud.com.

Joe Mandarino is a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator and a Certified Shadow Work® Coach. Unlike many other facilitators who came to Shadow Work® with a background either in the healing professions or in the ManKind Project, Joe had very little prior experience to prepare him for Shadow Work®. He was a small business entrepreneur with three other partners for 20 years until 2008, when his business was successfully sold. He continues to work as a computer applications developer, specializing in data analysis and business intelligence tools and applications. Previously, he was a college professor in Business Finance and Statistics; a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program; a middle-school basketball coach; and a referee for high school and college soccer for many years.

Joe first experienced Shadow Work® in 2005 and immediately recognized it as an avenue into a new world of inner development. Pursuing it with the same energy he applies to his other avocations, Joe started training with Cliff Barry within a few months and subsequently completed all of the trainings to become both a facilitator and a coach of Shadow Work®. Since then, Joe has facilitated many groups in the Fairfield, Iowa, area, where he enjoys working with his wife and the other local facilitators. Joe and Julie also are Certified Shadow Work® Couples Coaches and are currently developing materials and training for using Shadow Work® tools to help couples improve their relationship.

In another arena, Joe worked with Cliff Barry to develop the Shadow Types survey, a method of typing internal and system dynamics to help establish healing pathways. Joe is also a trainer of the Shadow Types knowledge.

Additionally, Joe is part of a team with Cliff Barry that focuses on bringing Shadow Work® to business. Specifically, the team has developed a system called the APRO Pathways, which adapts Shadow Work® from working with individuals to producing change within collectives, from small groups to multinational organizations.

Joe is also an avid musician (saxophone), a free-lance Libertarian, and the father of a 30-something daughter. Joe can be reached by phone at (641) 472-4512 or by email at jmando@lisco.com.


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