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Linda Brooks is passionate about human growth and inner transformation, as is evident in both her personal life and her career history. She has been meditating since the age of 21, and by 23 she had become a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique. In addition to teaching meditation, she has always sought out professional opportunities where she can serve as a catalyst for others to grow and develop their full potential.

Linda has degrees in education and in consciousness studies. As a management consultant and trainer she has taught communication skills, conflict resolution, change management, and leadership skills to all levels of management.

A native of South Africa who grew up during the apartheid era, one of Linda's favorite professional assignments was helping leaders in the business sector prepare their employees for the challenges they would face in the new South Africa. Years before the political transition, she ran staff training programs for economically disadvantaged black South Africans, addressing the gap that the political system had created educationally and socially. The most important aspect of this work, for her, was to help people build a powerful sense of self-worth that would enable them to benefit from the political changes in the society.

Linda believes that human beings have an innate capacity for growth and healing. Her love of people and her warm, empathic, vibrant personality make her a natural at facilitating transformational work. She loves using the powerful Shadow Work® tools to help people create the changes they want in their lives.

"Linda is clear and articulate, and very much at home with Shadow Work® and its tools. She is welcoming and approaches people with a sense of appreciation for who they are. She seems able to sense people’s concerns and feelings and is able to respond to situations as they arise in a helpful way. She is able to be present to others and hold the container for them for extended lengths of time. Her passion for this work is evident. I feel very safe doing Shadow Work® with her, both in individual and group settings." — J.G.
You can reach Linda at (641) 469-6097 or at lindabrooks23@gmail.com. Linda's website is AdventuresinPartnering.com.


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