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John and Nicola Kurk have pioneered the development and practice of Shadow Work® throughout Europe over the past two decades. As founders and mentors of a community of Shadow Work® practitioners stretching through Europe and Russia, they continue to inspire, train and mentor a new generation of facilitators and coaches. They are the only people certified by Cliff Barry, the creator of Shadow Work®, to offer the entire suite of training programmes: Basic Facilitator Training, Advanced Facilitator Training, Leader Training and Coaching Training.

They brought the first ever Shadow Work® facilitation to Russia ten years ago. Since then, they have trained, mentored and guided a new wave of professionals to deliver the work. Shadow Work® is now officially recognised in Russia by the Jungian Institute of Psychology.

As trainers and mentors of Shadow Work® practitioners, they create a space in which learning unfolds naturally; insight and understanding occur through direct experience. Course participants report that they have "got it in their bones." They lead the expanding community of Shadow Work® practitioners in Europe with wisdom, integrity and humour.

They also offer group Shadow Work® sessions and individual coaching in beautifully renovated premises near their home in Broadway, Worcestershire. They use retreat settings for work with larger groups and often travel internationally to run group sessions and deliver training. They are known for their ability to create a safe and shame-free environment in which people can explore and resolve core emotional and psychological issues.

Clients experience a renewed sense of connection to previously buried or unknown — but longed for — aspects of themselves; new levels of passion, engagement, creativity and acceptance emerge effortlessly. Many people notice a new ability to bring themselves fully and authentically to their relationships and to their life’s work. John and Nicola's deep empathy, insight and skill produce extraordinary results in a very short space of time.

You can reach John and Nicola at (+44) 1386 858 947 or by email at info@goldenops.co.uk. Their website is www.goldenopportunities.org.uk.


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