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Jeannie Daly-Gunter, M.A., P.C.C. has been a facilitator of personal and professional growth programs, a coach and a ceremonialist for twenty-five years. Her passion is growth, inspiration, and supporting others who are on a path towards greater healing, integration and full-self expression.

Jeannie is a certified Shadow Work® Coach and Group Facilitator, a certified Council Trainer and facilitator through The Ojai Foundation, a certified professional coach, and a Voice Dialogue coach. Jeannie uses her coaching tool bag, and years of facilitation experience, to support you in having immediate breakthroughs and incorporating changes in your life over time. Jeannie’s coaching style is intuitive, practical, empathetic and results-oriented.

Jeannie has also worked nationally and internationally as a workshop facilitator, rites-of-passage guide, organizational consultant, and trainer. She has been a rites-of-passage guide since 1999 and is a vision fast guide trained through the School of Lost Borders. She is Co-Founder of the Center for Soul Actualization (www.SoulActualization.com) and Transformative Loving (www.TransformativeLoving.com with her husband Mark.

She is also the President and Founding Director of Transformative Training (www.TransformativeTraining.com), an organization that provides executive coaching and training for conscious businesses in leadership development, communication skills, conflict management, Council, and team development. In her free time Jeannie loves to spend time in nature, hike, travel, salsa dance and drive with the top down! Carpe diem!

Client Testimonial: "My sessions with Jeannie have been transformational. I left these coaching sessions with a feeling of profound personal epiphany and a deeper understanding of myself and how I respond and react to the world. Jeannie is a highly intuitive and gifted facilitator and coach. I'm so grateful to have met her and for the work that we've done together. She was able to create a space where I was comfortable to genuinely let down walls, be vulnerable, and express many layers of myself. I don't think I could have reached to the depth that we did without her deep caring and perceptive guidance. I recommend her to anyone on a healing journey through their past emotional trauma." — Meggin, Healer and Spiritual Counselor, Colorado

Contact Jeannie at (303) 653-3097 or at  jeannie@soulactualization.com.


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