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Cliff Barry and Vicki Woodard, Boulder CO, USA

Cliff Barry and Vicki Woodard live in Boulder, Colorado, where they lead Shadow Work® facilitation trainings and other events. Together they are the Coaching Partners.

Cliff designed the Shadow Work® Process, founded Shadow Work® Seminars, and co-authored the manuals for all Shadow Work® trainings.

Formerly a minister, Cliff has been a lifelong student of the science of symbols and sacred mythology. Cliff has been facilitating since 1988 and has led workshops and trained internationally. Also a founder of the Inner King Training, Cliff models a profound respect for individual safety and self-direction in every moment of the Shadow Work® Process. He is known for his philosophical depth and perceptual acuity as he continues to expand the Shadow Work® Model. You'll find Cliff's articles on the Model's new directions listed on the Articles Menu.

"I have had the good fortune to learn from many great teachers over the years in both business and personal growth pursuits. None, however, has provided the depth of insight that Cliff Barry has brought to understanding and overcoming the challenges in my life. I keep coming back to Cliff for perspective and support, and he has unfailingly given me more than I ask for. As a result of working with Cliff, I find relationships more fulfilling and my life a happier place on every level." - Mike Tamblyn, prominent attorney with one of Canada's leading law firms

You can reach Cliff by email at

Vicki was introduced to Shadow Work® in 1996 and began her training in 1998. She is certified for group facilitation and individual coaching, is a Shadow Work® Mentor, and leads Shadow Work® trainings at all levels in the United States and abroad.

As an elementary school teacher for 29 years, Vicki facilitated professional groups, held staff development positions and empowered parents to be active participants in their children's lives and education. Teaching cultivated and groomed in her a deep hunger for learning and understanding interpersonal relationships.

Vicki's own personal work and healing feed her appetite for assisting others in their process toward personal exploration and wholeness. She believes that any person can transform their wounds into tools for getting out of life what they want, achieving their goals and finding peace and well being.

“I have been working with Vicki as a coach for over two years now and highly recommend her. Her coaching skills are, in a word, outstanding. I am a certified coach myself, and it is rare to find someone in this field of Vicki's caliber. I work in healthcare in a corporate leadership service, and Vicki has helped me with the complex issues in this complex system. She helps me identify when my shadow side is triggered, and we work on what that represents and how to mitigate the shadow's energy and create a different and more successful action. Vicki is able to do this because of the depth of her own personal work. I admire and appreciate how she brings her whole self into the work." - Pamela R. Theriault, MA/ABS,RCC, Managing Consultant, Organization Development, Fraser Health

Vicki has two grown children and a grandson. She enjoys traveling, hiking and being in nature. Contact her directly at (303) 442-7989 or by email at


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