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Asha Goldstein Asha Goldstein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Shadow Work® Coach who is based in Ashland, Oregon. She completed her MSW at Smith College School for Social Work in 2005. Her discovery in 2007 of Alyce Barry's book Practically Shameless inspired her to dive enthusiastically into the Shadow Work® facilitation trainings. She completed her training in 2010 and is now happy to use Shadow Work® as the theoretical model underlying all of her work.

Asha's work also includes mindfulness, ecopsychology, embodiment, and expressive arts therapies. Asha greatly enjoys developing powerful ways of weaving these modalities together with Shadow Work®. She has found that inviting creative self-expression through movement and sound can be highly effective in exploring different aspects of a person's inner world. Asha has a passion for understanding men's issues and creating a safe space for men to explore and grow without judgment. She is also a graduate of the Women in Power initiation.

Asha offers sessions locally in Ashland, Oregon, as well as via Skype. She also facilitates retreats and groups on topics such as ReWilding the Body, Authentic Movement, Radical Acceptance, and co-leads a workshop with her mother called Creative Acts of Power. In her free time, Asha loves to hike, dance, and spend time with her beloved family and friends. She can be reached by email at asha@ashagoldstein.com or by phone at (541) 646-0828. More information can be found on her website at AshaGoldstein.com

"I just started working with Asha and already have had a wonderful insight into why I feel so stuck in my life. The shadowwork she did with me was more experiential and enlightening than any counseling I've done in the past. Thank you Asha." — J.J., Ashland, Oregon

"Asha has amazing coaching and therapy skills that make it so powerful and inviting for me to do my inner work.  Asha’s intuition of where to gently guide and where to move in with focused clarity and direction has opened up some places in me that were just "asking" for the magician's touch.  I am deeply grateful to be working with her." — J.L., Ashland, Oregon

"I had an AMAZING skype session with Asha Goldstein... From the moment I got on skype, Asha was warm and inviting, I could feel her grounded being and her acceptance! With her gentle support, she asked just the right questions for me to explore and go deeper, to get to the heart of something I have been circling around for a really long time." — S.R., Skype client


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