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By Sally Bartolameolli

Blessings From Mary by Sally Bartolameolli My new book, Blessings From Mary, is a meditation and spiritual guidebook for anyone interested in connecting with their Divine Purpose and Destiny, as well as embracing and honoring Sacred Feminine Principles.

The book contains 365 daily readings meant to inspire and comfort. It also provides practical guidelines for connecting with your Spirit Guides and Soul Partners.

Blessings From Mary is based on my own daily experiential prayer practice over a four-year period, and I am happy and humbled to share it with you.


For several years, I had been trying to develop a mission and purpose. I knew that I had many gifts and talents but was unsure how to focus them and use them for service to make an impact and difference in the world.

In the spiritual meditation practice that unfolded, it became clear that my mission was to assist others in connecting with their own Divinity within and with the courage to carry that out in the world.

One of the ways I was to assist was through sharing these daily meditations, the nine Sacred Feminine Principles and the four-step structure of this practice itself. This included the journey of connecting with Mary Magdalene and my soul partners in the last several years.

I was also to assist through my honesty in sharing the emotional turmoil, fear, shame and ego-driven wounds that I experience. This seemed to be the portal through which I had to journey in order to connect authentically with my Spirit Guides and Soul Partners.


What we resist persists. I learned through this four-year practice that when I surrender those wounds, jealousies, fears, and ego-driven needs to my Spirit Guides and Soul Partners, they would be transformed to serve others and provide healing and empowerment for all.

In Shadow Work®, we also share a value of honoring our wounds (or shadows as we refer to them) and of receiving the "gold" within them. This aligns with more than one of the Sacred Feminine principles outlined in Blessings From Mary, most especially principle number 7 which states,

"Our woundedness and hurts become the greatest gifts of service to others and a primary foundation for manifesting our Divine Purpose and Destiny, if and only if we fully embrace our pain and authentically grieve and seek healing. Our gifts of service and contribution will then come from the transformation of our woundedness and pain."
I find it necessary to be reminded that I am on a spiritual journey and I can easily get lost in the day-to-day administration and challenges in life. My daily prayer and meditation practice, outlined in Part Four of the book, and the daily meditations which are the majority of the writing in Blessings From Mary, are two important tools to keep me inspired and spiritually focused. 


"Your book not only gave me comfort in knowing I'm not alone in my journey, but it also gave me courage to be true to my self and not to be so worried about being accepted by society. I feel an awakening within, and I'd really like to thank you for putting yourself out there for all the world to see/read. I am accepting who I am more easily and lovingly, and learning to bless All of my journey!" —  Amber B.

"The day I received my copy of Blessings From Mary, the reading that day (Jan. 25) spoke about the principle that resonated most deeply in me: 'Caring for yourself comes above all else.  From this place, you give to others.' Also, the suggestions for meditation practice that I applied, have revived my meditation practice.  I am grateful for this book."

"I thank you so much for sharing the open-heart space which is Blessings From Mary.There is so much inspiring wisdom within these pages and although I don't read it every day I`ve found that each time I return to it I always receive the right guidance.This book is a much needed blessing and gift to the world — a constant source of loving connection and sacred guidance that is so necessary in these challenging times we live in."

"When I read Blessings From Mary I feel as if I am diving into a deep pool of compassion. It is a comforting experience that  informs and touches me deeply. The author's vulnerable sharing  serves to model authenticity for me and the wisdom from her spiritual sources are gentle and pure guidance that teaches as well as soothes. I find it a thoughful and well written book."


Blessings From Mary can be purchased from my website,, for $21.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. It is also available in a Kindle edition at


Sally Bartolameolli is a Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator living in Houston, Texas. Read more about Sally.

This article originally appeared in our free email newsletter in February 2011. To subscribe, visit our subscription page.

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